Becoming Texan

What does it mean?

I have come to have “some” understanding about the matter… What does “Becoming Texan” mean to you?

The Official Texas Passport, as authorized by “The Free And Independent Domain Of Texas” on March 19, 1981, when Senate Resolution 389 was passed by the Texas Senate, outlines a list of localities to visit within the borders of the Country (Domain) of Texas.

We intend to visit, and in a large number of cases, revisit the places listed, and have our passport “properly” stamped. That was originally intended to be as far as this project would go… (beware of project creep!)

Then I heard Josh Abbott Band’s “My Texas” on the radio. The idea got a bit bigger, you might say. But if that wasn’t enough…

I started thinking about what happened to me as I become “Texan”. The places I have been, the things that I have done, and things and places I have seen. Well… WOW!

I have the final ideas and now it is time to roll the film! We will be seeking crowdfunding for this project to truly succeed.
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