Entertainment Services by Rev. Barry Willie Black

I will officiate wedding services, whether conventional or any number of custom alternatives, or stage your karaoke event, whether public or private.

I am local to Austin, Texas, but will travel outside the immediate Austin, Texas area to perform or stage an event, with paid travel expenses to be included in the final agreed upon fees.

Special arrangements can be agreed upon to perform your event pretty much wherever you wish, as long as it is legal, and does NOT involve heights I cannot handle!

Using karaoke tracks, I am available to sing for your event from a selection of your favorite songs, as well as, Willie Nelson songs and a great many others selectable from the list provided here. I will find and sing others, but I would need to know which song, and then determine if it is possible for me to do, or for another vocalist, whether yours, or mine.

I sing Willie Nelson songs, and have recorded over 310 songs from his discography, so far. So well, in fact, that folks cannot hardly believe it at times. But bear in mind that I also have a very long list of songs I sing that makes folks simply think “You Did What?”, because of what I look and sound like.

I have had folks think that Willie is really in the house when they walk into a club and hear me singing his sings.

I have also been told more than a few times that folks prefer me singing “Willie” than they do Willie singing “Willie”.

Imagine that! Still hard for me to get my heart and mind around. I can also bring a karaoke show to your event, if you would like to sing, and/or have your guests sing.

What some more information??