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Project: Crazy
Recording Period: 06/07/2009 – 11/11/2010

  1. Long-Haired Country Boy
  2. Crazy
  3. Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)
  4. I’ve Always Been Crazy
  5. You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This
  6. When You Love Her Like Crazy
  7. As Long As You Love Me
  8. Rollin’ With The Flow
  9. I’m Gonna Love You Anyway
  10. If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body
  11. Things Have Changed
  12. If I Fall You’re Goin’ Down With Me
  13. Crazy Love
  14. Cold One Comin’ On
  15. Dare To Dream
  16. Call Me Crazy
  17. People Are Crazy