Rev. Barry Willie Black’s
List Of Songs Recorded, as of (insert updated date)

1838 songs recorded according to today’s inventory…

… recorded since May 20,2009 (when I began to record and SAVE tracks from my performances), and over 330 Willie Nelson covers… (1 out of 5.5 +/-).

I am missing an entire hard drive of data which contained all my backups from 11/2009 to 11/2011, and that archive has been documented, and so I know I’m missing about 100-150+ songs that I recorded, but no other tracks have been found during disk recovery.

I did kept two versions of Hotel California, for reasons obvious to those who have seen the History Of The Eagle Parts 1 and 2, as well as four distinctly different versions of Amazing Grace, and I have a couple versions of a fav James Taylor song.

(A) Mansion On The Hill.02.27.14_14.50
(Call It) Stormy Monday.11.02.10_14.37_batch
(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden.09.04.13_15.48
(It’s Not Easy) Bein’ Green.08.27.16_21.45
(Sometimes I Feel Like A) Motherless Child.01.25.16_20.50
(Turn Off The Light And) Love Me Tonight.07.12.15_14.40
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher.12.07.15_14.53
4 and
50,000 Names.10.08.12_17.30
500 Miles Away From Home.07.25.11_23.40_batch
500 Miles.08.15.15_15.17
99 Problems.08.15.14_23.30
A Better Man (Thunder version).09.08.15_15.30
A Common Disaster.10.17.16_15.18
A Fallen Star.06.23.16_19.37
A Few Ole Country Boys.09.06.15_16.55
A Fire I Can’t Put Out.12.27.16_19.03
A Good Hearted Woman.07.17.15_14.05
A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall.05.12.16_21.10
A Headache Tomorrow Or A Heartache Tonight.02.03.14_14.15
A Holly Jolly Christmas.11.26.10
A Legend In My Time.06.04.12
A Little Bitty Tear.04.24.17_14.10
A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing.11.22.15_13.40
A Pirate Looks At Forty (Weed version).11.23.15_20.50
A Pirate Looks At Forty.07.29.14_16.40
A Rainy Night In Georgia.10.17.10_17.54_batch
A Real Fine Place To Start
A Rose In A Bible.02.03.14_12.44
A Satisfied Mind.12.20.15_22.18
A Song For You.11.16.16_10.28
A Teenager’s Romance.09.28.15_14.05
A White Sport Coat.08.24.12_19.20
A Whiter Shade Of Pale.06.02.13_20.27
A Woman’s Love.05.12.16_18.25
A Woman’s Touch.05.12.17_22.35
A World Of Our Own.04.29.17_16.03
Above And Beyond.12.02.14_13.35
Abraham, Martin & John.11.22.15_13.45
Ace In The Hole.12.27.16_19.25
Achy Breaky Heart.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Across The Borderline.05.26.12
Act Naturally.01.04.14_17.13
After All This Time.11.11.14_20.35
After I’m Gone.09.28.15_14.09
After The Fire Is Gone.10.23.13_16.55
After The Gold Rush.08.11.13_15.15
After The Lovin’.05.12.16_19.20
Against All Odds.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Against The Wind.07.29.15_16.20
Ain’t Misbehavin’.02.03.15_13.08
Ain’t No Sunshine.12.28.13_16.12
Ain’t No Woman (The Four Tops version).04.14.13_22.05
Ain’t No Woman Like You.02.17.14_16.50
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head.03.30.17_14.21
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More.11.22.15_14.00
Alice’s Resturant.12.27.13_19.55
All Along The Watchtower.04.29.16_17.50
All For The Love Of Sunshine.11.02.16_14.05
All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name.02.06.15_22.27
All I Have To Do Is Dream.08.05.12_21.40
All I Know.01.01.13_16.55
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Doug Stone version).11.27.15_16.03
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey version).07.31.15_17.27
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Vince Vanve version).11.27.15_16.20
All I Want Is You.11.02.16_14.21
All My Dreams.03.05.13_19.10
All My Ex’s Live In Texas.12.27.16_20.05
All Of Me (Frank’s Way).06.21.13_01.35_batch
All Of Me (John Legend version).11.10.16_11.21
All Of Me (Willie Nelson version).12.02.14_14.00
All Out Of Love.06.21.13_01.35_batch
All The Things You Are.05.25.14_17.22
All The World Is Green.10.08.16_12.02
All These Things That I’ve Done.08.12.14_15.10
Almost Cut My Hair.08.11.13_14.18
Alone & Forsaken.12.05.15_17.10
Alone Again (Naturally).02.05.16_14.40
Already Gone.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Always Late (With Your Kisses).03.02.14_13.05
Always Never The Same.12.27.16_20.17
Always On My Mind.07.16.15_15.38
Am I The Only One.05.01.11_15.45_batch
Amarillo By Morning.12.27.16_22.27
Amarillo Sky.09.30.12_00.10
Amazing Grace (V1).12.16.15_03.35
Amazing Grace (V2).12.16.15_03.50
Amazing Grace (V3).12.16.15_04.00
America The Beautiful
American Pie.07.05.09_20.01
American Tune.12.20.15_18.22
American Woman
And I Love Her.12.04.16_16.03
And I Love You So.02.19.16_15.35
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.10.23.10_14.31_batch
Angel (Sarah McLachlan Version).12.10.16_20.07
Angel Band.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground.07.14.15_17.13
Angel From Montgomery.06.20.14_22.00
Angel Of The Morning.08.21.16_14.40
Angels Among Us
Angels We Have Heard On High
Anna Marie.11.27.16_13.19
Annie’s Song.08.15.15_15.27
Anniversary Song.08.24.15_01.43
Another Day In Paradise.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Another Good Reason Not To Drink.11.23.16_09.45
Another Saturday Night.11.27.16_13.34
Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Another Try.11.01.09
Any Dream Will Do.09.22.15_13.27
Any Way You Want Me.11.27.16_13.43
Anything For Love (long version).06.05.14_22.30
Anything Goes.06.21.13_01.35_batch
April Come She Will.11.27.16_14.12
Are The Good Times Really Over.10.15.16_14.05
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.07.17.15_13.58
Arms Of A Woman.11.10.16_13.17
Arms Of Mary.06.17.15_14.20
As Good As I Once Was
As Long As You Love Me.11.09.16_11.54
As Tears Go By.02.07.13_18.55
At Last.02.26.15_14.13
Auld Lang Syne.07.25.13_16.08
Aura Lee.09.23.15_20.15
Autumn Leaves.12.19.15_20.40
Away In A Manger
Baa Baa Black Sheep.11.14.16_12.43
Baby Blue.12.27.16_22.35
Baby Grand.11.27.16_15.32
Baby Now That I Found You
Baby Your Baby.12.27.16_22.45
Baby, I’m A Want You.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Baby, The Rain Must Fall.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Baby’s Gone.02.03.14_13.55
Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye.12.27.16_22.54
Back Door Man.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Back Down South.11.21.16_11.00
Back Home Again.04.08.16_16.30
Back In Baby’s Arms.12.05.16_13.18
Back In My Younger Days.12.05.16_13.27
Back In The Saddle Again.07.29.15_16.35
Back Where I Come From.05.31.11_17.46_batch
Back Where We Belong.11.27.16_16.10
Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Bad Moon Rising
Baker Street.06.09.13_18.30
Ballad of Davy Crockett.08.25.16_18.00
Ballad Of Forty Dollars.09.16.15_12.32
Ballad Of The Teenage Queen.04.29.15_14.47
Banana Boat Song.07.29.14_13.50
Bandy The Rodeo Clown.11.15.16_16.07
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).11.10.16_11.11
Banks Of The Ohio.07.14.16_20.20
Bantry Bay.09.16.15_12.50
Bare Necessities.11.01.16_11.31
Barstool Mountain.11.12.16_11.02
Battle Hymn Of The Republic.08.24.16_16.48
Be Here To Love Me.12.20.15_18.30
Be That As It May.04.03.12
Beautiful Disaster.08.04.10_20.55_batch
Beautiful Dreamer.04.14.13_20.45
Beautiful Swimmers.08.17.14_20.10
Beautiful War.12.10.16_20.17
Because He Lives.07.22.10_15.08_batch
Bed Of Rose’s.09.23.15_20.30
Been Down So Long.12.20.15_18.35
Beer For My Horses.07.16.15_16.20
Before The Next Teardrop Falls.11.11.13_15.00
Behind Blue Eyes.08.25.16_18.25
Belleau Woods.04.29.17_12.25
Beneath Still Waters.08.23.15_23.23
Better Man.04.03.13_15.45
Better Together.09.08.15_13.00
Between The Devil And Me.12.01.13_18.22
Big Bad John
Big Booty.05.28.13_21.57
Big City.07.14.15_12.55
Big Green Tractor.09.24.12_18.40
Big Heart.11.11.14_23.23
Bird On A Wire.11.11.16_13.27
Bitter Creek.12.23.13_13.48
Black Velvet Band.07.22.16_22.38
Black Velvet.04.03.13_15.05
Bleeding Love.09.24.12_20.15
Bless The Broken Road
Blessed Assurance
Blood And Roses.02.04.16_14.53
Blood And Roses.08.15.15_19.22
Bloody Mary Morning.12.23.13_13.54
Blowin’ In The Wind.05.05.16_17.50
Blowin’ Smoke.11.27.16_12.53
Blue Bayou.08.27.16_17.40
Blue Christmas.07.13.13_23.19
Blue Clear Sky.12.27.16_23.17
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.07.14.15_16.40
Blue Jean Blues.09.05.15_23.40
Blue Moon Of Kentucky.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Blue Moon.01.04.12
Blue On Black
Blue Skies.11.23.15_11.32
Blue Suede Shoes.04.22.13_17.05
Blueberry Hill.11.13.10_19.46_batch
Blues Man.01.06.15_17.10
Born On The Bayou
Born To Lose.11.22.16_14.30
Born Under A Bad Sign.03.03.13_22.55
Borrowed Angel.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Both Sides Now.10.14.16_18.50
Both Sides Of Goodbye.05.25.14_20.50
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Boys From Oklahoma.09.07.12_18.20
Branded Man.07.12.15_19.17
Break Down Here.08.23.16_19.30
Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do.09.04.12_20.30
Breathe (Pink Floyd version).08.21.16_14.07
Bridge Over Troubled Water.12.28.13_16.55
Bring It On Home To Me.12.01.13_17.10
Bring It On.05.31.11_17.47_batch
Bring Me Down
Bring Me Sunshine.09.04.13_16.05
Broken Arrow.04.13.15_16.00
Brown Eyed Girl.12.02.14_15.48
Bubbles In My Beer.02.24.14_20.00
But For The Grace Of God.10.20.12_17.30
But I Do Love You.12.02.14_15.38
But Not For Me.04.03.16_19.40
But She Loves Me.08.15.15_15.44
Buy Me A Rose.10.15.15_19.30
By Now.02.20.16_16.30
By The Light Of A Burning Bridge.12.27.16_23.21
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.09.27.13_15.42
By The Rivers Of Babylon.04.18.14_19.35
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Bye, Bye Love.09.09.13_13.03
Cajun Baby.12.05.15_16.00
California Dreamin
Call Me Crazy.11.10.10_15.18_batch
Call Me Maybe.09.07.12_18.00
Call Me The Breeze.04.14.13_20.50
Can I Trust You With My Heart.06.04.11_15.52_batch
Can I Want Your Love
Can You Feel The Love Tonight.10.17.12_17.20
Candle In The Wind
Can’t Fight The Moonlight.10.29.09
Can’t Find My Way Home.10.28.14_14.37
Can’t Help Failling In Love
Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.05.12.16_19.30
Can’t You See
Carefree Highway
Caribbean Queen.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Carolina In My Mind.12.19.13_13.38
Carried Away.12.27.16_23.37
Carrying Your Love With Me.12.28.16_12.21
Catch A Falling Star.06.22.16_18.33
Catch The Wind.05.20.14_16.20
Cat’s In The Cradle.07.21.13_20.53
Cecil Brown.02.12.17_14.05
Change Is Gonna Come.12.01.16_12.00
Change The World.08.05.12_21.55
Chantilly Lace.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow.04.10.12
Chasing Cars.08.08.12_19.25
Check Yes Or No
Cherokee Maiden.07.21.11_17.46_batch
Chevy Van.06.09.13_18.55
Chicken Fried.09.24.12_18.50
Chim Chiminy Cheree.05.03.14_14.15
Christmas Blues.11.13.11_23.49_batch
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis.08.23.16_14.20
Christmas Cookies.11.27.10
Christmas In Dixie.07.31.15_17.39
Christmas In My Hometown (Charlie Pride version).11.27.15_15.55
Christmas In My Hometown (Travis Tritt version).11.26.11
Christmas Rock.12.24.10
Christmas Time.11.04.16_14.03
Cinnamon Girl.12.23.13_13.58
Cisco Kid.02.24.14_19.35
City Of New Orleans.07.16.15_15.51
Clinging To A Saving Hand.07.17.11_21.03_batch
Closer To Fine.06.04.17_22.05
Closing Time (Leonard Cohen version).11.23.16_14.47
Cold Day In Hell.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Cold Day In July
Cold One Comin’ On
Colors Of The Wind.04.06.16_18.35
Comal County Blue
Come A Little Closer.11.07.09
Come Back When You Grow Up.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Come Home.02.25.15_14.20
Come Monday.07.27.14_17.50
Come On Up To The House.06.04.13_21.43
Come Rain Or Come Shine.05.29.13_17.20
Come Sundown.09.13.15_19.25
Come To My Window
Come Together.12.04.16_16.17
Come With Me Now.12.11.16_18.51
Come With Me.07.19.15_18.41
Comin’ On Strong
Concrete Angel.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Continental Trailways Blues.02.03.15_12.45
Cool Change.01.02.13_17.45
Cool Water.07.19.12_17.15
Copperhead Road.02.12.17_14.15
Cotton Fields.07.29.15_16.40
Cotton Jenny.08.25.16_18.53
Count Me In.02.17.14_16.55
Count On Me.12.11.16_18.27
Country Comes To Town
Country Heroes.02.12.17_14.22
Country Road.12.19.13_13.54
Country Song.01.08.13_18.55
Coward Of The County.09.09.13_13.00
Cowboy Casanova.08.25.12_17.45
Cowboys And Clowns.09.06.15_19.04
Cowboy’s Lament (Streets Of Laredo).01.31.14_17.25
Cowgirl Take Me Away.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Cowgirls Don’t Cry.11.01.11_00.00_batch
Crazy Arms.08.24.12_19.05
Crazy Baby.10.01.16_16.39
Crazy Heart.12.05.15_17.13
Crazy Love.12.27.13_17.45
Crazy Mama.04.29.16_18.10
Crippled Inside.10.01.16_16.19
Crown Him With Many Crowns.02.08.15_21.20
Cry Lonely
Cry Me A River.02.03.16_17.07
Cry, Cry Darling.05.25.14_20.10
Cryin’ Time.09.27.13_15.25
Crying In The Rain.10.01.16_16.05
Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man).12.12.16_16.45
Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm.09.05.13_23.52
Dancin’ With The Angels.03.03.13_22.20
Dancin’, Shagin’ On The Boulevard.06.21.11_16.05_batch
Dancing In The Sky.08.27.16_15.20
Dangerous Man
Danny Boy.07.14.16_20.37
Dare To Dream
Dark As A Dungeon.02.24.14_19.20
Darkness, Darkness.09.04.13_16.37
Day After Day.06.24.12
Daydream Believer
Daydreams About Night Things.06.02.11_17.19_batch
Deacon Blues.02.05.13_17.50
Dead Flowers.05.28.13_21.41
Dead Man’s Party.04.14.13_21.30
Deadwood Mountain.03.04.13_20.10
Dear Mama, I’m A Cowboy.05.12.14_19.55
Dear Mr President.04.14.13_22.30
Dear Prudence.10.17.14_21.36
Deck The Halls.07.25.13_15.38
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Deeper Than The Holler.09.02.12_21.20
Delta Dawn.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Designated Drinker.04.10.12
Desperados Waiting For A Train.07.29.15_16.46
Devil In A Sleeping Bag.02.03.14_14.40
Diamond Rings And Old Barstools.12.19.15_21.20
Die Of A Broken Heart.06.23.12
Dirty Old Town.07.14.16_20.53
Dixie Chicken.01.08.13_18.40
Dixie On My Mind.12.05.15_16.09
Do It Again (Diana Krall version).06.19.13_18.23
Do It Again (Steely Dan version).09.08.13_09.13.13_14.09
Do It Again Just A Little Bit Slower.03.03.13_21.50
Do They Know It’s Christmas.11.26.11_17.42_batch
Do Wah Diddy
Do You Hear What I Hear
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans.03.04.13_17.50
Do You Know Where You’re Going To.10.29.15_12.10
Do You Know.08.03.13_00.37
Do You Want To Know A Secret.10.17.14_21.41
Doctor My Eyes.08.23.12_18.00
Don Quizote.06.22.16_19.27
Don’t Ask Why.02.17.14_17.08
Don’t Be Cruel
Don’t Blink.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Don’t Change On Me.04.10.12
Don’t Close Your Eyes.08.06.14_16.18
Don’t Cry Daddy.08.24.16_16.38
Don’t Fence Me In.05.25.14_17.35
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.02.21.14_19.45
Don’t Go To Strangers.05.24.14_15.35
Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.08.15.15_15.52
Don’t Know Why.05.12.16_18.51
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.12.19.13_14.18
Don’t Let Me Lonely Tonight.05.12.16_19.33
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot.04.22.13_17.55
Don’t Rock The Jukebox
Don’t Shoot Me Santa.08.01.14_16.55
Don’t Take Your Guns To Town.04.29.15_15.00
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.06.13.14_17.25
Don’t Touch My Willie.10.26.11_18.07_batch
Don’t You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me).02.21.14_17.35
Double Back.10.29.10_21.24_batch
Down By The River.08.11.13_14.37
Down By The Riverside.02.07.15_15.19
Down In The River to Pray.02.14.16_13.15
Down To My Last Cigarette.10.16.15_11.00
Dream A Little Dream Of Me.08.06.15_17.34
Dream Baby.06.06.15_15.15
Dreaming With A Broken Heart.03.05.13_18.30
Drift Away.09.13.13_14.02
Drift Off To Dream.03.05.13_19.30
Drinking Champagne.05.25.14_17.50
Drownin’ In A Sea Of Love.12.28.13_17.07
Drunk On My Moon.08.23.16_15.20
Durham Town.08.15.15_16.12
Dust In The Wind.08.27.12_17.25
Early Morning Rain.06.13.14_17.40
Easy Come Easy Go
Easy Living.02.03.16_16.54
Eight Days A Week.01.04.14_21.23
El Paso
El Shaddai.04.21.13_18.25
Eleanor Rigby.01.05.14_14.47
Emma Jean’s Guitar.11.11.12_00.15
End Of The Line.12.23.13_14.11
End Of The World.09.27.13_15.50
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues.07.29.15_17.00
Even If It Breaks Your Heart.12.27.12_18.15
Every Breathe You Take
Every Fool Has A Rainbow.07.06.15_21.17
Every Light In The House Is On
Every Little Thing Shes Does Is Magic (Strontium 90 version).11.03.13_17.34
Every Rose Has Its Thorn.07.06.13_15.44
Everybody Knows (Dixie Chick version)
Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen Version).11.12.16_11.54
Everybody Loves Somebody
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.08.15.15_16.20
Everybody’s Had The Blues.07.12.15_19.55
Everybody’s Talkin’.02.14.14_13.20
Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby.10.17.14_21.46
Everything Is Beautiful
Everything Is Broken.04.15.16_18.23
Fade Into You.02.04.16_14.25
Faded Love.05.25.13_19.20
Family Bible.02.04.14_15.40
Far Away Places.10.23.13_13.05
Fate’s Right Hand.01.04.15_16.29
Father And Son.01.10.14_19.27
Feel Alright.08.17.14_19.00
Feels Like Home.01.28.13_18.30
Feliz Navidad.07.31.14_23.35
Fields Of Gold.09.14.15_15.33
Fightin’ Words
Find Out Who Your Friends Are.09.16.14_15.35
Find The Cost Of Freedom.12.23.13_14.20
Fire And Rain.10.15.16_15.01
Fire On The Mountain.04.01.17_10.05
First Of May.05.01.15_16.40
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.05.12.16_19.47
First We Take Manhattan.11.15.16_15.47
Fix You.11.10.16_11.01
Fixing A Hole.10.17.14_21.54
Flesh And Blood.07.03.15_14.40
Fly Me To The Moon.05.12.16_19.03
Follow Me (John Denver version).06.14.14_01.00
Follow Me.07.06.13_15.53
Follow Your Arrow.04.15.15_12.22
Folsom Prison Blues.05.12.15_13.40
Fool For Your Stockings.09.06.15_00.15
Fool Hearted Memory
Foolish Games.04.03.13_17.05
For The Good Times.10.14.16_18.57
For What It’s Worth.12.24.16_17.07
For You (Johnny Cash version).08.15.14_19.30
Forever & Ever Amen
Forever (Strativarius version).07.26.16_15.35
Forever In Blue Jeans.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Forever Together.02.03.16_16.12
Forever Young (Alphaville version).04.14.13_21.40
Forever Young (Bob Dylan version).06.13.14_17.50
Forever Young (Rod Stewart version).09.04.13_16.13
Forgiving You Was Easy.09.09.13_11.40
Four Walls.05.26.13_18.51
Frankie And Johnnie.01.30.14_20.05
Free (Donovan Frankenreiter version).07.31.13_20.18
Free (Zac Brown Band version).12.22.14_17.10
Free And Easy
Friday Night Blues.04.03.13_17.35
Friends In Low Places
From A Distance.12.16.12_19.30
From Me To You.10.17.14_22.03
Frosty The Snowman
Funny How Time Slips Away.08.15.15_16.40
Further On Up The Road.05.12.16_20.11
Games People Play (Jimmy Cliff version).12.07.15_16.55
Garden Party
Gentle On My Mind
Georgia On A Fast Train.03.06.14_17.19
Georgia On My Mind.11.16.16_11.18
Georgy Girl.04.29.17_14.53
Get Closer.01.08.13_19.35
Get Together.06.29.14_20.20
Ghost On The Canvas.01.17.16_20.35
Ghost Riders In The Sky.09.16.10_14.55_batch
Gimme Three Steps
Give In To Me.09.08.14_16.13
Give Into Me.02.03.15_12.50
Give It Away (George Strait Version).12.04.16_14.22
Give Me One Reason.05.19.14_17320
Go Rest High On That Mountain.10.20.12_17.40
Go Tell It On The Mountain.02.07.15_16.00
God Bless America
God Bless The Child.10.27.14_02.20
God On The Mountain.03.04.13_17.55
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.11.13.11_23.49_batch
God’s Gonna Cut You Down.06.04.12
Going Out West.08.23.16_15.28
Gold Dust Woman.09.13.13_13.26
Gone Out Of My Mind.09.06.15_22.38
Good Directions
Good Golly Miss Molly.11.13.12_20.30
Good Hearted Woman.05.23.13_17.05
Good Ol’ Boys Like Me.01.01.15_16.25
Good Ol’ Boys.07.19.15_18.47
Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues.11.08.16_13.37
Goodnight Sweetheart
Gotta Love Me Too (with RDD).02.23.15_11.15
Gotta Serve Somebody.05.28.13_22.32
Gotta Serve Somebody.10.06.16_15.45
Gotta Walk Alone.02.21.14_19.30
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.08.01.14_17.20
Grandma’s Hands.10.23.13_13.25
Grapefruit Moon.08.23.16_15.40
Greatest Love Of All
Green Door.04.29.17_15.00
Green Green Grass Of Home.08.05.12_19.45
Green River.12.20.15_13.45
Green Tambourine.08.21.16_14.50
Green, Green.12.27.13_18.47
Guess Things Happen That Way.04.29.15_13.35
Guitar Man.02.07.13_18.45
Guitars Cadillacs.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Gypsy Rover.07.14.16_21.05
Half A Man.02.03.14_13.00
Halfway Home Cafe.04.10.16_15.35
Hand Me Down.08.07.12_17.15
Handle With Care.12.23.13_14.40
Hang On Sloopy.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Hangin’ ‘Round The Mistletoe.08.01.14_16.03
Hank Williams You Wrote My Life.11.15.16_16.27
Happy Holidays Y’all.08.01.14_15.45
Hard Road To Travel.12.07.15_17.20
Hard To Be A Hippie.10.15.16_13.45
Harden My Heart.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Hark The Herald Angels Sing.11.13.11_23.40_batch
Harvest Moon.04.26.16_16.50
Have A Little Faith In Me.02.04.16_14.17
Have A Little Faith.02.19.16_15.25
Have I Told You Lately.01.28.13_17.40
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman.07.06.13_16.00
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christams.11.26.15_15.50
He Ain’t Worth Missing
He Rides The Wild Horses.09.03.13_17.15
He Stopped Loving Her Today
He Walked On Water.05.16.16_19.55
Heads Carolina, Tails California.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Healing Hands Of Time.07.02.16_20.55
Heart Of Gold.05.30.13_16.08
Heartaches By The Number.05.23.13_15.35
Heartbeat In The Darkness.07.12.15_17.47
Heartbreak Hill.02.12.17_15.10
Heartbreak Hotel.11.17.16_13.20
Heartland as voiceover duet.04.10.16_15.13
Heaven Must Be Wondering Where You Are.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Hello Dolly.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Hello I Love You.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Hello Mr. Heartache.01.12.10_15.57_batch
Hello Walls.05.28.13_20.05
Hello, Mary Lou.08.04.13_19.16
Help Me Make It Through The Night.09.15.13_18.33
Here Comes Santa Claus.07.12.11_17.48_batch
Here Comes The Rain Again.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Here Comes The Sun.10.20.14_16.25
Here I Am, I’m Drunk Again.11.17.16_13.29
Here In The Real World
Here We Go Again.05.24.14_15.45
Here, There And Everywhere.02.03.15_13.18
Hero (Willie Nelson version).05.22.14_14.30
Heroes (David Bowie).07.01.13_21.38
Heroes (Paul Overstreet version).12.20.15_18.44
Heroes And Friends.12.20.15_18.53
He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.07.08.10_16.44_batch
Hey Diddle Diddle.02.01.14_16.05
Hey There Delilah.05.06.14_11.05
Hey, Good Lookin’.07.13.13_23.33
Hey, Pretty Girl.09.03.13_16.50
Hickory Dickory Dock.02.01.14_16.20
High Cotton
High Hopes
High On A Mountain.03.04.13_18.35
Hillbilly Bone.02.12.17_15.31
Hillbilly Boy With The Blues.03.30.17_12.13
Hillbilly Deluxe.02.12.17_16.05
Hillbilly Heart.02.12.17_20.25
Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell.02.12.17_14.47
Hillbilly Highway.02.12.17_20.37
Hillbilly Nation.02.12.17_21.00
Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rhum.08.01.14_14.40
Holding Things Together.09.08.15_13.30
Holly Holy.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Holy Water.01.08.13_18.25
Holy! Holy! Holy!.02.07.15_16.50
Home (Blake Shelton).11.14.11_20.09_batch
Home (Dierks Bentley version).08.06.14_17.13
Home On The Range.06.13.14_18.00
Homeland (Kenny Rogers Version).01.17.16_14.02
Homeward Bound.06.26.13_21.55
Honk, If You Honky Tonk.11.25.11_20.51_batch
Honka Tonk Badonkadonk
Honky Tonk Women.06.09.13_19.07
Hooked On A Feeling.02.04.16_13.55
Hopeless Wanderer.04.13.15_16.57
Hotel California.06.21.13_01.35_batch
House Of Gold.02.21.14_18.20
House Of The Rising Sun (Toto Version).01.31.14_17.58
How About Them Cowgirls
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.02.27.15_13.28
How Deep Is Your Love.07.24.13_02.27
How Do I Get There.02.17.14_17.15
How Do I Let You Go.04.05.11_02.10_batch
How Do I Live.10.29.09
How Great Thou Art.05.31.13_21.15
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.12.19.13_15.15
Hurry Sundown.09.13.15_19.15
I Ain’t Her Cowboy Anymore.08.05.12_18.35
I Ain’t Living Long Like This.07.22.15_14.22
I Always Get Lucky With You
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow.04.14.13_22.10
I Am A Pilgrim.05.25.14_15.25
I Am I Said.06.21.13_01.35_batch
I Believe In America.03.20.13_19.10
I Believe In Music.12.27.13_20.40
I Believe In You.07.12.15_16.55
I Can See Clearly Now (Jimmy Cliff version).12.07.15_17.03
I Can’t Be Bothered
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love.01.31.14_15.25
I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You).05.24.14_15.00
I Can’t Stop Loving You.04.06.15_14.15
I Can’t Unlove You.01.17.16_14.17
I Cheated Me Right Out Of You.11.19.16_11.08
I Didn’t Come Here.05.28.13_21.53
I Dig Rock And Roll Music.06.14.14_01.45
I Don’t Fall In Love So Easy.01.04.15_16.55
I Don’t Know How Love Starts
I Don’t Know Why
I Don’t Know.11.27.15_13.27
I Don’t Need You.01.17.16_14.27
I Dreamed About Mama Last Night.02.14.16_16.16
I Fall To Pieces.08.06.14_15.43
I Feel Alright.08.06.14_12.50
I Feel An Old Weakness
I Feel Fine.10.20.14_16.33
I Feel Lucky (with Dolly).06.21.13_01.35_batch
I Fell In Love Today.06.11.14_19.55.
I Have A Dream.04.24.17_14.27
I Have You.02.03.16_15.25
I Hear You Knockin’
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
I Hope You Dance.09.11.14_19.20
I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition).02.24.14_19.55
I Just Want To Dance With You.12.04.16_14.45
I Keep On Loving You.05.17.12
I Know She Still Loves Me.08.02.13_23.40
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.07.21.13_21.10
I Know You By Heart.01.27.14_15.15
I Left Something Turned On At Home.07.25.11_23.41_batch
I Love How You Love Me.03.07.16_17.25
I Love The Life I Live.05.25.13_23.46
I Love The Way You Lie.11.10.16_12.35
I Love The Way You Love Me
I Love This Bar
I Love You A Thousand Ways.03.02.14_13.11
I Love You Because.08.15.15_16.45
I Love You So Much It Hurts.05.25.14_20.20
I Loved Her First.09.18.13_12.45
I Miss You So.05.25.14_16.55
I Only Have Eyes For You.01.23.17_15.09
I Prefer The Moonlight.01.17.16_14.37
I Put A Spell On You
I Really Don’t Want To Know.11.26.15_16.13
I Recall A Gypsy Woman.02.03.14_12.30
I Saw Her Standing There.01.04.14_20.40
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.08.01.14_18.20
I Saw The Light.06.02.13_17.21
I Shall Be Released.04.15.16_18.20
I Shot The Sheriff.06.21.13_01.35_batch
I Started A Joke.10.14.16_18.20
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.07.25.11_23.41_batch
I Still Pray.03.30.17_14.11
I Swear
I Think I Love You
I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink.07.14.15_12.35
I Told You So (Keith Urban version).11.30.11
I Touch Myself.04.03.13_18.15
I Try.11.10.16_12.29
I Walk The Line.05.06.15_14.15
I Want It That Way.06.21.13_01.35_batch
I Want To Be With You Always.03.02.14_13.17
I Want To Live.12.20.15_19.13
I Want You.04.15.16_18.33
I Will Remember You.09.03.15_16.55
I Will Wait.06.07.14_17.47
I Wish I Was Eighteen Again.08.23.16_19.40
I Wonder As I Wander.11.27.15_15.45
I Wonder Do You Ever Think Of Me.02.03.14_13.20
I Won’t Back Down.06.03.12
I Won’t Leave You Lonely.02.17.14_17.25
I Won’t Need You Anymore.05.23.11_19.09_batch
I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.02.03.14_12.53
I Wouldn’t Want To Live If You Didn’t Love Me.07.12.15_18.05
I’d Fall In Love Tonight.08.15.15_16.53
I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing.06.29.14_20.36
I’d Love To Change The World.07.14.13_16.50
If Hollywood Don’t Need You.07.12.15_19.07
If I Could Make A Living.09.02.12_20.35
If I Fall You’re Goin’ Down With Me.06.21.13_01.35_batch
If I Fell.10.20.14_16.40
If I Had A Hammer.06.13.14_18.05
If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body.09.02.12_21.05
If I Was Jesus
If I Were A Carpenter.07.29.15_18.32
If I Were The Man You Wanted.07.02.16_21.20
If Love Was A River.12.19.15_19.15
If Tomorrow Never Comes.09.03.15_16.26
If We Make It Through December.07.12.15_20.00
If You Could Read My Mind.08.14.14_17.05
If You Could Touch Her At All.10.13.13_15.50
If You Don’t Like Hank Williams.07.16.15_12.00
If You Want To Find Love.01.17.16_14.50
If You’re Not In It For Love.12.12.10_15.57_batch
If You’re Reading This
If You’ve Got The Money.06.21.13_01.35_batch
I’ll Be Home For Christmas.02.17.14_16.35
I’ll Be There For You.01.17.16_14.41
I’ll Break The Law Of Gravity Someday.07.04.13_15.47
I’ll Fly Away.07.08.10_16.45_batch
I’ll Follow The Sun.10.20.14_16.36
I’ll Go On Loving You.01.07.15_20.35
I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song.11.19.16_12.20
I’ll Never Find Another You.04.29.17_15.11
I’ll Stand By You
I’ll Stay Around.05.25.14_12.00
I’ll Survive.02.03.14_12.20
I’m A Ramblin’ Man.07.17.15_13.47
I’m Alive.04.03.12_20.47_batch
I’m Carryrin’ Your Love With Me.07.30.12_17.25
I’m Going To Go Back There Someday.08.27.16_22.15
I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday.07.04.13_15.17
I’m Gonna Love You Anyway
I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter.05.19.14_16.40
I’m Gonna Take That Mountain.03.04.13_20.50
I’m Just A Country Boy.07.12.15_16.20
I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal.06.17.15_13.59
I’m Just Talkin About Tonight
I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover.07.14.16_21.13
I’m Movin’ On.09.04.12_20.40
I’m Not The Only One.05.12.16_17.45
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.06.04.12
I’m So Vain.07.17.13_14.45
I’m Sorry For You My Friend.11.19.16_11.28
I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes.08.24.16_14.45
I’m Tore Down.06.15.11_16.04_batch
I’m Tryin’
In Color.09.19.15_12.38
In My Life.10.14.16_18.02
In My Secret Life.11.11.16_16.27
In The Air.02.07.13_19.50
In The Garden.05.31.13_21.10
In The Ghetto
In The Midnight Hour.07.25.11_23.42_batch
In The Pines.01.31.14_19.45
In The Still Of The Night
In The Sweet Bye And Bye.06.02.13_17.10
In The Year 2525
Inside Out.04.14.15_17.20
Into The Mystic.12.22.14_16.45
It Ain’t Easy (David Bowie version).01.16.16_14.47
It Ain’t Me Babe.06.13.14_18.40
It Always Will Be
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.07.25.13_15.11
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore.02.13.17_22.33
It Don’t Come Easy.04.03.13_18.05
It Hurts Me Too.10.26.11_18.07_batch
It Is What It Is.07.29.15_18.38
It Just Comes Natural
It Matters To Me.11.10.16_11.40
It Must Be Love.09.02.12_21.35
It Seems So Long Ago, Nancy.11.17.16_10.57
It Turns Me Inside Out.05.24.14_16.20
It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman).11.19.16_11.20
It Won’t Be Christmas Without You.11.26.11_17.42_batch
It Wouldn’t Be The Same (Without You).05.25.14_17.05
It’s 420 Somewhere.04.20.14_15.20
It’s All Going To Pot.07.02.16_21.37
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.04.29.16_16.02
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.11.13.11_23.50_batch
It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
It’s Just That Way.04.01.13_19.05
It’s Not Unusual.06.21.13_01.35_batch
It’s Now Or Never
It’s Only Make Believe
It’s Too Late.12.19.13_16.44
It’s Way Too Close To Christmas To Be This Far From You.11.26.11_17.42_batch
I’ve Always Been Crazy.07.22.15_14.30
I’ve Been Working On The Railroad.01.30.14_16.20
I’ve Got A Name.12.16.12_20.25
I’ve Got Mine.04.13.15_17.20
I’Ve Got To Get A Message To You.02.27.15_13.15
Jambalaya (On The Bayou).04.14.13_23.05
Jar Of Hearts.11.10.16_12.49
Jesus Just Left Chicago.12.20.15_22.00
Jingle Bell Rock.11.13.11_23.50_batch
Jingle Bells.11.25.11_20.51_batch
Johnny & June.04.03.13_17.55
Joy To The World (Traditional).07.25.13_14.20
Just A Closer Walk With Thee.06.30.13_20.56
Just A Song Before I Go.12.23.13_14.48
Just As I Am.02.08.15_13.10
Just Breathe.11.10.16_12.54
Just Good Ol’ Boys.11.12.16_11.34
Just Got Started Lovin’ You
Just Like A Woman.10.07.16_13.03
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.04.15.16_19.05
Just My Imagination.04.14.13_21.55
Just Out Of Reach.02.03.14_12.00
Just To Satisfy You.07.22.15_14.40
Just When I Needed You Most
Kathy’s Song.12.28.13_18.40
Keep On Chasing Rainbows.08.15.15_16.58
Keep Your Hands To Yourself.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Key Largo.09.27.13_16.15
Killing Me Softly.05.12.16_19.59
King Of The Mountain.03.04.13_18.40
King Of The Road.08.06.14_14.30
Kiss An Angel Good Morning
Kiss Me In The Dark.12.27.12_17.45
Kiss The Girl.03.03.13_23.10
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine.06.13.14_18.50
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.05.12.16_20.55
Kum Ba Yah.06.13.14_19.10
Ladies Love Country Boys
Lady Blue.11.20.16_16.05
Lady Midnight.11.15.16_16.15
Lady Willpower.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Last Living Cowboy.05.14.17_17.10
Last Night Of The World.01.01.13_14.30
Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning.10.13.13_15.15
Late In The Evening.04.06.13_17.40
Laughed Until We Cried
Lay Down Sally
Lay Lady Lay.10.07.16_14.01
Leader Of The Band.01.05.14_17.00
Lean On Me.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms.06.12.11_19.03_batch
Learn To Be Still.04.07.15_13.50
Leave The Pieces.06.21.14_18.00
Leavin’ On A Jet Plane.02.03.16_16.47
Legalize It.06.29.14_20.57
Legend Of The Rebel Soldier.01.01.15_20.12
Lemon Tree.04.29.17_17.12
Let ‘Er Rip.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Let Her Cry.04.03.13_17.25
Let It Be Me.05.12.16_18.47
Let It Be.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!.11.26.15_13.47
Let Me Be There
Let My Tears Be Still.03.30.14_16.00
Let The Grass Grow.10.13.13_14.55
Let The Picture Paint Itself.11.11.14_22.35
Let Your Love Flow
Let Your Love Speak.02.13.17_23.45
Let’s Fall To Pieces Together.09.08.15_13.50
Let’s Go Waltzing Together.09.08.15_14.35
Life By The Drop.12.20.15_22.05
Life In Technicolor II.09.19.15_14.15
Life’s A Dance.04.10.14_13.35
Light My Fire.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Like A River To The Sea.07.26.16_15.42
Like A Rolling Stone.04.29.16_16.20
Like Desperados Waiting For A Train.09.14.15_15.20
Like Red On A Rose
Lil’ Red Riding Hood.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Little Bit Gypsy.05.14.17_21.35
Little Black Submarines.10.01.16_15.28
Little Boxes.10.01.16_15.17
Little Cabin Home On The Hill.02.16.17_21.40
Little Drummer Boy.11.13.11_23.50_batch
Little Mountain Church House.03.04.13_19.55
Live Until I Die.06.23.12
Livin’ On Love.08.17.15_16.20
Living And Living Well.04.03.13_17.30
Living For A Song.02.01.17_12.07
Living In The Promiseland
Living In The Promiseland.09.03.15_16.33
Lonely Days.02.27.15_13.21
Lonely Stranger
Long Black Train.06.12.11
Long Haired Country Boy.06.23.12
Long Line Of Losers.12.01.13_18.07
Long Long Way To Go.01.01.16_19.47
Long Time Gone
Long Train Runnin’.03.06.14_17.13
Long Way Home (Cross Canadian Ragweed).07.07.11_18.32_batch
Long Way Home (Tom Waites).10.18.10_18.01_batch
Longhaired Redneck.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Look Heart No Hands
Look What Thoughts Will Do.03.02.14_13.21
Lookin’ Out My Backdoor.11.13.12_20.50
Looking The Wolf In The Eye.12.20.15_22.12
Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good.07.12.15_17.05
Lost Highway.12.23.13_14.56
Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do.06.23.12
Louisiana Saturday Night.08.12.14_14.35
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes
Love Her Madly.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Love In The First Degree.09.02.12_21.10
Love Is A Rose.08.04.13_18.03
Love Is Everything.12.30.16_17.13
Love Is Looking For You
Love Is Looking For You.10.01.16_15.51
Love Is On A Roll.07.12.15_17.17
Love Is The Foundation.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Love Letters (Miranda Lambert version).02.03.16_17.15
Love Letters (Norah Jones version).04.29.17_17.00
Love Letters In The Sand.02.03.16_15.57
Love Me Do2.01.04.14_20.50
Love Me I f You Can
Love Me Over Again.07.12.15_16.35
Love Me Tender.05.12.16_18.37
Love Me Two Times.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Love Potion #
Love The Way You Lie.07.06.13_16.49
Love Will Keep Us Alive.02.03.15_15.30
Love Will Keep Us Together
Love Without End, Amen.08.06.14_15.00
Love Your Memory.05.22.11_19.09_batch
Lover Of Mine.05.12.16_17.30
Love’s Been Good To Me.06.04.12
Love’s Gonna Get You Someday.07.04.13_15.58
Love’s Gonna Live Here.09.06.15_23.40
Love’s The One And Only Thing
Lovin’ Her Was Easier.07.15.15_16.35
Loving Arms
Lubbock Or Leave It.11.01.09
Luck Be A Lady Tonight.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Luckenbach, Texas.07.22.15_14.46
Lucky Man (Emerson, Lake, And Palmer version).06.21.13_01.35_batch
Lucky Man.10.29.09
Lyin’ Eyes.12.01.13_16.38
Mac The Knife.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Maggie May.01.05.14_15.27
Maiden’s Prayer.03.02.14_11.45
Mail Myself To Mexico.03.05.13_17.15
Make The World Go Away.10.12.13_14.32
Making Believe.03.02.14_12.59
Making Memories Of Us.08.25.12_17.20
Mama Tried.07.12.15_19.27
Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.01.28.16_11.00
Mamy Blue.08.15.15_18.56
Man I Want To Be.09.02.12_21.55
Man In Black.06.30.13_23.16
Man In The Long Black Coat.05.22.11_19.10_batch
Man With The Blues.02.04.14_16.15
Many A Long & Lonesome Highway.06.12.16_17.10
Many Rivers To Cross.12.20.15_13.52
Mary Had A Little Lamb.06.14.14_00.35
Mary, Did You Know.04.17.17_19.37
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You.11.27.15_15.25
Me And Bobby McGee.11.07.15_11.30
Me And
Me And Paul.11.23.13_18.10
Mean Old Man.07.15.15_16.24
Mello Yellow.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Merry Christmas Baby.11.27.10
Merry Christmas Darling.11.04.16_14.17
Merry Christmas From The Family.11.26.10
Merry Christmas Strait To You.12.25.10
Michael, Row The Boat Ashore.07.29.15_19.19
Midnight Confessions
Midnight In Montgomery
Midnight Rider.05.25.13_18.44
Midnight Special.01.31.14_18.25
Miles From Our Home.11.21.12_16.25
Milk Cow Blues.02.24.14_21.45
Mississippi Mud.12.19.15_20.30
Mom (Garth Brooks version).02.14.16_14.40
Mom And Dad’s Waltz.05.16.16_20.20
Momma Tried.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Mona Lisa.08.24.15_01.35
Montego Bay.11.04.15_12.10
Moon River.12.20.15_14.33
More Than A Woman.07.24.13_02.32
More Than Words.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Morningtown Ride.04.29.17_15.30
Motherless Children (Eric Clapton version).02.14.16_15.15
Motherless Children (Rosanne Cash version).02.18.16_15.40
Mountain Dew.05.30.13_16.33
Mountain Music
Mountain Of Love.03.04.13_21.00
Mountain Top For Me.03.04.13_18.15
Mr Tambourine Man.10.07.16_12.50
Mr. Bojangles
Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old).08.05.12_19.00
Muddy Water.02.03.16_11.07
Music Of The Night.03.23.13_19.10
My Baby’s Gone.05.25.14_20.40
My Back Pages.10.15.16_14.35
My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It.03.02.14_12.33
My Cherie Amour
My Father’s Eyes.07.21.13_21.24
My Favorite Memory.07.14.15_14.55
My Funny Valentine.10.10.14_19.40
My Garden Poem.10.08.14
My Girl
My Grown Up Christmas List.11.27.10
My Heart Will Go On.11.06.16_17.10
My Heaven
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.10.15.16_13.12
My Hometown.07.25.11_23.44_batch
My List
My Maria.08.06.14_16.27
My Own Peculiar Way.08.24.15_01.30
My Tennessee Mountain Home.03.04.13_20.35
My Way
My, My, Hey, Hey.08.11.13_14.10
Nearer, My God, To Thee.02.08.15_13.50
Need Your Love So Bad.03.30.17_15.37
Needle And Damage Done.08.06.13_21.43
Neon Moon
Never Been To Spain.06.09.13_18.37
Never Ending Song Of Love.04.29.17_16.12
Never Say Die.02.10.17_16.55
Never Tear Us Apart.04.03.13_17.15
New Orleans (Kid Rock).10.24.11_23.46_batch
New Orleans Ladies.01.10.13_19.00
New Strings
New York State Of Mind.11.13.15_14.22
New York, New York
Nice And Easy.05.12.16_19.07
Night Life.08.15.15_19.02
No One Else On Earth.09.02.12_21.30
No Rain.09.07.12_15.25
No Woman, No Cry.12.07.15_16.35
Nobody But Me.11.02.09
Nobody Does It Better
Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her
Nobody Knows The Trouble I Seen.02.08.15_14.30
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out.06.14.14_00.45
Nobody Knows.11.10.16_12.41
Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy.02.17.14_17.55
Nobody Wins.07.15.15_16.19
Nobody’s Girl.06.04.11_15.52_batch
Norwegian Wood.10.20.14_16.55
Not Ready To Make Nice.11.01.09
Not With Haste.03.31.16_17.55
Nothing Else Matters.08.24.16_14.52
Nothing I can Do About It Now.07.16.15_16.10
Nowhere Man.10.20.14_16.59
O’ Christmas Tree.07.25.13_15.47
O’ Come All Ye Faithful.07.25.13_15.31
O, Holy Night.07.25.13_14.42
Ode To Billy Joe.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Oh Lonesome Me.09.13.15_19.45
Oh! Susanna.01.30.14_19.03
Oh, Babe, What Would You Say.04.29.17_14.39
Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem.11.13.11_23.52_batch
Oh, My Papa.05.20.14_15.35
Oh, Oh Child.02.07.13_20.05
Oh, Shenandoah.01.31.14_19.15
Oh, Well.11.17.12_22.35
Okie From Muskogee.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Ol’ Man River.08.15.15_19.09
Old Christmas Card.11.04.16_14.28
Old Hippie Christmas.11.27.15_15.05
Old Man From The Mountain.07.12.15_20.07
Old Man.08.11.13_14.42
Old Rugged Cross.02.08.15_18.10
Old School.02.15.13_20.00
Old Time Christmas.12.24.10
Old Time Religion.02.08.15_18.23
Old Time Rock And Roll
On Broadway
On The Beach.07.01.12
On The Dark Side.06.21.13_01.35_batch
On The Road Again.07.14.15_17.03
On The Sunny Side Of The Street.07.02.16_20.47
Once You Loved Somebody.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Once You’re Past The Blues.07.02.16_21.55
One Good Well.09.08.14_16.35
One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart.05.25.14_11.45
One Love.07.14.14_12.05
One More Angel In Heaven.09.19.15_14.30
One Night At A Time.12.30.16_17.03
One Of These Nights.06.21.13_01.35_batch
One Of Us.09.30.12_00.00
One Toke Over The Line.10.13.13_14.00
One Way Out
One Wing In The Fire.10.20.12_17.50
Only God Knows Why.07.17.11_10.19.12_00.45
Only You (Ringo Starr version).01.23.17_13.27
Only You (The Platters version).01.23.17_14.35
Only You (Yazoo version).10.09.12_17.15
Only You Know And I Know.02.05.13_17.40
Onward Christian Soldiers.02.08.15_18.30
Our House.08.17.15_16.28
Over The Rainbow.05.12.16_18.40
Over The River And Through The Woods.11.27.15_14.20
Over You.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Paint Me A Birmingham
Pancho And Lefty.01.25.16_11.17
Paperback Writer.11.24.10_12.50_batch
Peace Train.03.06.14_17.00
Peaceful Easy Feeling.12.01.13_17.39
Penny Lane.10.20.14_16.59
People Are Crazy.11.10.10_15.19_batch
People Are Strange.06.21.13_01.35_batch
People Get Ready.12.28.13_19.00
Perhaps Love.02.04.16_13.13
Personal Jesus.07.06.13_16.57
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down.07.02.16_21.15
Pick The Wildwood Flower.08.24.16_16.00
Pickin’ Wildflowers.11.02.09
Pictures In My Head.08.27.16_21.55
Pieces Of My Life.05.25.14_16.25
Pins And Needles.05.25.14_13.40
Play Born To Lose Again.09.08.14_17.00
Play Me.11.26.16_12.57
Please Come Home For Christmas.12.01.13_17.44
Please Come To Boston.05.31.11_17.49_batch
Please Help Me I’m Fallin’.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Please, Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.01.31.14_19.00
Please, Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends.07.15.15_16.13
Please, Please Me.01.04.14_20.45
Polk Salad Annie.08.24.16_16.11
Pop A Top
Precious And Few.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Pretty Good At Drinking Beer.11.13.10_19.47_batch
Pretty Paper.11.03.13_18.07
Pretty Woman
Pride And Joy.09.05.12_17.45
Promises (Randy Travis version).09.06.15_02.09
Proud Mary.06.21.13_01.35_batch
PS I Love You.01.04.14_21.00
Puff The Magic Dragon.06.11.14_14.50
Purple Rain.04.03.13_18.25
Put A Little Love In Your Heart.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Put Your Dreams Away.03.05.13_18.05
Put Your Hand In The
Put Your Lights On.09.06.13_00.07
Rainbow Connection (with Kermie).10.17.14_20.45
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Rainin’ In My Heart.05.25.14_12.12
Rainy Day People.08.25.16_18.40
Rainy Day Women #12 &
Rainy Days And Mondays.10.28.14_14.13
Ramblin’ Man (Hank Williams version).12.05.15_17.23
Ready To Run.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Real Good Man.04.14.13_22.40
Reason To Believe.03.31.16_15.45
Red River Valley.12.20.15_14.23
Red Sails In The Sunset.08.25.16_18.20
Redemption Song.11.13.15_14.35
Redneck Girl.09.02.12_21.15
Reflections Of My Life
Reggae Night.12.07.15_17.58
Release Me.05.12.16_19.15
Remember Me.05.23.13_17.19
Remember When.11.05.09
Return To Sender.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Revive Us Again.05.25.14_12.53
Rhythm Of Love.07.06.13_17.07
Ride The River.12.19.15_21.30
Riders On The Storm.10.18.12_20.30
Ridin’ My Thumb To Mexico.03.04.13_21.25
Riding Out The Storm.11.11.14_22.35.mp3.mp3
Right Where I Need To Be.08.03.13_01.30
Ring Of Fire.04.29.15_15.10
River Lady.02.14.16_15.40
River Of Tears.02.03.16_18.30
Rivers Of Babylon.12.23.13_15.25
Roadhouse Blues.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Rock Of Ages.07.08.10_16.47_batch
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.12.25.10
Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain.07.01.11_batch
Rocky Mountain Way.09.27.13_15.55
Roll Away The Stone.04.29.17_12.45
Roll Me Up.11.03.13_16.45
Roll To Me.06.11.13_22.45
Rollin With The Flow
Romeo’s Tune.08.03.13_00.58
Rose Colored Glasses.09.19.15_14.42
Rose In Paradise.07.22.15_15.05
Roses Are Red
Row, Row, Row Your Boat.11.14.16_12.47
Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Rudolf, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.07.13.13_23.13
Run Run Rudolph.08.01.14_17.50
Run Through The Jungle.11.13.12_21.00
Run To Me.02.27.15_13.37
Runaway Train.03.06.14_17.40
Runnin’ Through The Fire.04.29.17_16.22
Running On Faith.02.04.16_14.40
Sad Songs (Say So Much).04.14.13_21.05
Sad Songs And Waltzes.08.24.15_01.25
Sail Away (The Oak Ridge Boys version).07.19.14_22.25
Sailing Away.07.26.14_18.46
Sally Was A Good Old Girl.07.29.15_19.29
San Diego Serenade.08.12.14_14.30
San Francisco Bay Blues.06.13.14_21.00
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.11.13.11_23.52_batch
Santa Got Lost In Texas.08.01.14_15.35
Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy.08.01.14_18.10
Santa’s Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck.08.01.14_15.00
Santa’s On His Way.12.25.10
Sara Smile
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down.06.05.13_19.05
Save The Last Dance For Me.04.10.14_13.55
Say It Again.07.12.15_14.58
Scarborough Fair.05.06.14_10.05
Scarlet Ribbons.05.25.14_16.05
Screw You, We’re From Texas
Sea Of Love.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Sealed With A Kiss.01.11.12
Seaman’s Blues.05.30.13_15.41
Seasons Of My Heart.05.25.14_11.35
Secret Agent Man
Secret Garden.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Seein’ My Father In Me.10.20.13_22.10
Seven (David Bowie version).01.28.16_11.07
Seven Bridges Road.12.01.13_16.48
Seven Spanish Angels.07.16.15_15.57
Seventh Son.11.16.16_10.43
Sex And Candy.07.07.11_18.33_batch
Shall We Gather At The River.02.08.15_19.05
Shame On The Moon.07.01.16_17.19
Shame On You.01.31.14_16.50
She Always Talked About Mexico.03.04.13_21.15
She Came In Through The Bathrrom Window.01.05.14_15.22
She Couldn’t Change Me.09.19.12_22.00
She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.09.02.12_20.20
She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.09.24.12_19.05
She Used To Love Me A Lot.06.30.13_21.15
She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain.01.30.14_19.10
She’s Gone, Gone, Gone.03.02.14_13.37
She’s Gonna Leave You With A Smile
She’s Got The Rhythym
She’s Not Really Cheatin’ (She’s Just Getting Even).11.19.16_10.57
Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy).11.10.10_15.19_batch
Shower The People.12.19.13_15.21
Silent Night
Silver Bells
Silver Wings.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Simple Life.08.04.13_19.31
Since I Met You Baby.08.23.16_20.11
Sitting Here In Limbo.05.29.13_17.02
Six Days On The Road.10.28.14_14.20
Six Pack To Go.11.16.16_10.57
Sixteen Tons.04.30.17_14.51
Skip To My Lou.01.30.14_15.35
Sloop John B.07.19.14_21.17
Slow Dance More.10.08.15_16.13
Slow Hand
Small Town Southern Man
Smoke Two Joints.10.13.13_13.52
Smokey Mountain Memories.03.04.13_18.00
So Far Away.12.27.13_17.35
So Long Marianne.11.15.16_16.45
Soak Up The Sun.06.06.17_19.30
Solitary Man.06.03.12
Some Broken Hearts Never Mend.07.12.15_16.07
Some Change (Boz Scaggs version).11.26.16_12.17
Some Change.01.03.14_14.40
Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone).12.20.15_22.25
Some Days You Gotta Dance.04.10.14_13.45
Someday (Alan Jackson).09.22.10_02.58_batch
Someday (Monte Warden version).07.04.13_15.26
Someday (Sugar Ray).09.22.10_03.13_batch
Someday (Trace Adkins version).06.21.13_01.35_batch
Someday (Vince Gill).09.22.10_02.59_batch
Someday At Christmas.12.24.10
Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night.07.04.13_17.12
Someday Never Comes.06.26.13_22.22
Someday Soon.07.04.13_14.55
Someday We’ll Be Together.07.04.13_15.31
Someday We’ll Know.07.04.13_14.43
Someday We’ll Look Back And Say (It Was Fun).07.04.13_16.22
Someday When Things Are Good.07.14.15_15.13
Someday You’ll Call My Name.07.04.13_16.34
Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You.07.04.13_16.39
Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight.01.17.16_14.58
Something In The Way She Moves.12.19.13_13.20
Something Stupid.02.19.16_13.11
Something To Talk About.06.12.09_15.31
Sometimes When We Touch.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Somewhere Between Texas And Mexico.01.13.13_19.15
Somewhere Between.10.23.13_13.15
Somewhere Down In Texas.06.23.12
Somewhere Out There.04.08.16_15.00
Son Of A Sailor.07.27.14_10.50
Son Of Hickory Holler’s Tramp.03.17.17_12..00
Song For You, A.02.03.15_12.30
Songs About Me.10.29.09
Soon We’ll Be Found.08.28.12_19.00
Sooner Or Later
South Of The Border.06.05.13_17.35
Southern Cross.07.25.14_21.00
Southern Girl (Chris Cagle version).02.23.16_14.40
Southern Thunder.12.05.15_16.35
Spanish Eyes.03.31.16_14.35
Spinning Wheel
St Louis Blues (Bob Wills version).11.28.15_15.15
St Louis Blues (Peter Cincotti version).11.28.15_14.32
Stand By Me.08.27.16_22.23
Standing Outside The Fire
Star Of The County Down.07.22.16_22.25
Stars On The Water.06.22.16_18.55
Stars Over Texas.10.29.09
Stay (Maurice Williams Version)
Stay (Sugarland version).11.01.09
Stay (with Load-Out).01.28.15_13.20
Stays In Mexico
Still Crazy After All These Years.04.06.13_17.25
Still Got The Blues For You.07.18.12_17.45
Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Stormy Monday.12.29.13_14.00
Straight From The Heart.09.10.15_11.45
Straight Tequila Night
Strange Brew
Strangers In The Night.05.12.16_19.52
Strawberry Wine.11.02.09
Streets Of Bakersfield.08.05.12_18.00
Suds In The Bucket
Sugar, Sugar
Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down.07.15.15_15.56
Sunny Side Of The Mountain.03.03.13_21.40
Sunshine Superman.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Superman (Five for Fighting version).08.28.14_18.42
Susie Q.06.09.13_19.02
Sweet Baby James.12.23.13_15.37
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Sweet Home Alabama.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Sweet Memories.05.23.13_16.00
Sweet Music Man.12.23.15_13.20
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.02.08.15_19.23
Sylvia’s Mother.06.21.13_01.35_batch
T For Texas
Take A Bow.01.12.12
Take A Letter Maria.05.19.14_16.00
Take It Easy.12.01.13_17.50
Take It To The Limit.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Take Me Home To Somewhere.04.10.16_15.45
Take Me Home, Country Roads.08.17.15_17.18
Take Me To The River.12.29.13_14.20
Take My Breath Away.02.12.17_12.38
Talk To Me Texas.01.15.13_18.45
Tall, Tall Trees
Tatoos & Scars.10.15.16_14.21
Teach Your Children.10.18.12_20.45
Tears In Heaven.12.01.11
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear (Red Sovine version).06.07.14_12.50
Teen Angel.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Teenager In Love
Tell It All Brother.10.08.15_16.30
Temporary Home.09.02.12_21.50
Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof.09.06.15_02.20
Ten With A Two.01.15.13_19.05
Tender Years (George Jones version).05.24.14_15.20
Tennessee Christmas.11.09.16_12.07
Tennessee Waltz.12.29.13_14.30
Tequila Sunrise.09.03.15_16.20
Texas Flood.02.24.14_21.55
Texas On My Mind.07.19.15_16.20
Texas Women.12.05.15_16.55
Thank You For Being A Friend.03.25.16_13.35
Thank You For The Music.12.16.12_20.15
That Lucky Old Sun .08.14.14_16.50
That Old Wheel.03.04.12_18.43_batch
That Summer
That Was Yesterday
That’s Life.06.06.15_11.45
That’s My Job.04.10.16_15.00
That’s The Thing About Love.07.12.15_17.28
That’s The Way Love Goes.07.14.15_15.00
The Beat Goes On.02.21.14_17.10
The Blue Cafe.02.28.16_14.30
The Bluest Eyes In Texas
The Bottle Let Me Down.11.25.11_18.48_batch
The Carnival Is Over.04.29.17_14.23
The Cave.05.14.14_18.05
The Christmas Song.11.26.15_13.17
The Cover Of The Rolling Stone.06.21.13_01.35_batch
The Cowboy Rides Away
The Dance.12.09.14_12.25
The Doxology.02.07.15_15.20
The Eagle.09.21.10_18.16_batch
The End Of The World
The Fightin’ Side Of Me.07.12.15_19.43
The Fireman.01.08.13_18.10
The First Cut Is The Deepest.03.31.16_16.25
The First Noel.11.15.11_22.27_batch
The First Time Ever I saw Your Face.06.13.14_21.10
The Fool On The Hill.10.17.14_21.59
The Gambler.07.21.13_21.00
The Garden Of Eden.04.29.17_13.13
The Girl From Yesterday.10.14.16_18.37
The Greatest Love Of All.06.21.13_01.35_batch
The Greatest.10.15.15_19.45
The Harder They Come.12.07.15_16.43
The Highwayman.07.30.15_13.35
The House Of The Rising Sun
The House That Built Me.10.15.16_13.05
The Joker.10.13.13_13.43
The Last Cowboy Song.07.30.15_13.58
The Last Fallen Hero.07.01.13_22.08
The Last Farewell.07.22.16_21.52
The Last Ten Years.10.15.15_20.55
The Last Thing On My Mind.06.14.14_00.20
The Letter.05.19.14_16.20
The Little Drummer Boy.12.24.13_18.50
The Little Girl.11.01.11_00.01_batch
The Long Black Veil.09.06.15_19.30
The Long Way Around.06.23.12
The Long Way Home.11.11.13_14.45
The Long Winding Road.01.05.14_15.38
The Lucky One.06.21.13_01.35_batch
The Man I Want To Be.09.02.12_21.55
The Man In The Long Black Coat.10.07.16_14.52
The Most Beautiful Girl.09.02.12_20.05
The Nerve.12.30.16_16.47
The Night Before Christmas.12.25.10
The Night Santa Went Crazy.08.01.14_16.35
The Old Rugged Cross.07.08.10_16.47_batch
The Partisan.11.11.16_12.37
The Party’s Over.08.29.14_19.25
The Promiseland.09.21.10_18.41_batch
The Rainbow Connection.08.27.16_10.08
The Ride.04.14.13_22.20
The River And The Highway.04.08.16_17.25
The River Of Dreams.12.19.15_21.45
The River.06.12.11_19.02_batch
The Road To Hell.04.03.13_01.45
The Rose
The Scientist.05.10.12
The Seashores Of Old Mexico
The Silver-Tongued Devil (And I).07.15.15_16.05
The Sounds Of Silence.11.13.12_17.30
The Thrill Is Gone.02.24.14_19.29
The Thunder Rolls
The Water Is Wide.07.26.16_14.55
The Way I Am.08.27.16_21.31
The Weary Kind.02.03.16_16.20
The Wedding Song.06.13.14_21.25
The Weight.06.26.09_15.06
The Wurlitzer Prize.07.22.15_14.55
The Yellow Rose Of Texas
Then They Do
There Is A Fountain.05.06.14_10.25
There Is A God.07.03.10_19.41_batch
There Is Power In The Blood.07.08.10_16.44_batch
There Must Be A Way.04.29.17_16.51
There She Goes.04.14.13_22.00
There You Are.05.25.14_13.15
There You Go Again.01.17.16_15.27
There You Go.08.15.14_20.45
There’s A Girl In Texas
There’s A New Kid In Town.11.04.16_13.55
There’s A Tear In My Beer.12.05.15_18.00
There’s Your Trouble.06.21.13_01.35_batch
These Boots Are Made For Walking.02.04.14_17.25
Things Have Changed.05.12.16_20.50
Thinking Out Loud.12.21.16_14.37
Third Rate Romance
This Christmas Prayer.11.26.11_17.42_batch
This Face.07.02.16_21.03
This Land Is Your Land.06.29.14_20.50
This Old Man.02.01.14_15.57
This Ole Guitar.08.23.16_20.57
This Time The Dream’s On Me.09.07.15_00.15
Thistle And Weeds.03.31.16_17.47
Those Were The Days.04.26.17_14.00
Three Blind Mice.02.01.14_16.01
Three Days.02.14.14_14.40
Three Little Birds.05.06.14_18.05
Three Wooden Crosses.10.15.16_13.55
Tie A Yellow Ribbon
Tight Fittin’ Jeans
Tight Rope.11.16.16_11.09
Til I’m Too Old To Die Young.11.12.16_10.47
Til The Last Shot’s Fired.11.11.16_11.23
Til The Rivers All Run Dry.03.31.16_16.58
Till I Gain Control Again.08.24.15_02.30
Till There Was You.12.02.14_13.00
Time After Time.03.31.16_16.53
Time Changes Everything.11.22.16_10.41
Time In A Bottle.10.14.16_19.05
Time Marches On
Times They Are A’Changin’.06.29.14_19.45
Tiny Bubbles.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Tiny Dancer
To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.07.16.15_15.44
To Do What I Do.10.14.16_18.27
To Love Somebody.02.27.15_13.00
To Make You Feel My Love.08.06.14_15.15
Today I’m Gonna Try And Change The World.11.22.16_10.13
Tonight The Heartache’s On Me
Tonight We’re Gonna Tear Down The Walls.08.03.13_00.02
Too Gone For Too Long
Too Many Mondays (Not Enough Saturday Nights).02.19.16_13.27
Touch Me.10.13.13_15.30
Tougher Than The Rest.01.27.14_16.40
Travelin’ Band.11.13.12_20.20
Travelin’ Blues.03.02.14_14.05
Travelin’ Soldier.05.29.13_16.55
Travis County Downtime.09.09.14_16.50
True Colors.09.17.15_15.25
Tryin’ To Get To New Orleans.03.03.13_23.20
Tulsa Time.07.12.15_16.28
Tupelo Honey.05.02.11_16.35_batch
Turn Me On.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Turn The Page
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.10.18.12
Turn! Turn! Turn!.01.30.14_15.25
Twelfth Of Never.06.09.13_18.15
Twilight Time.02.14.14_13.35
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.11.14.16_12.31
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star.06.22.16_18.25
Two Lonely People.11.17.16_10.49
Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
Two Sides To Every Story.10.12.13_14.37
Unanswered Prayers.07.17.11_batch
Unbreak My Heart.10.26.11_18.07_batch
Unchained Melody.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Unclouded Day.10.12.13_14.58
Under The Boardwalk.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Under The Bridge.04.14.13_22.25
Understand Your Man.04.29.15_15.20
Undo The Right.07.02.16_21.30
Until It’s Time For You To Go.06.11.14_23.45
Until My Dreams Come True.03.05.13_19.40
Up Around The Bend.11.13.12_20.40
Up On The Housetop.07.25.13_14.49
Up On The Roof.12.19.13_15.32
Up To The Mountain.03.04.13_18.05
Use Somebody.07.21.11_05.53_batch
Vaya Con Dios.01.24.17_15.45
Vincent (Tribute to Vincent Lopez – Cannabis Crusader).07.06.15_14.15
Wabash Cannonball.10.14.13_14.50
Wagon Wheel.03.03.13_22.30
Waiting For My Lucky Day.06.23.12
Waiting In Vain.04.18.14_19.20
Waiting On The World To Change.01.02.13_18.05
Wake Me Up.05.23.15_14.45
Walk Right In.10.28.14_14.28
Walk The Line.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Walkin’ After Midnight.12.29.13_17.50
Walking In Memphis.12.03.15_15.50
Walking My Baby Back Home.01.31.14_15.48
Walking To New Orleans.01.10.13_19.20
Waltz Across Texas.01.27.14_16.15
Wanderin’ Star.07.01.16_17.27
Wanted Dead Or Alive.04.08.15_11.20
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights.04.20.13_03.15
Wasted On The Way.08.11.13_14.03
Wasted Time.10.28.14_13.38
Watching You.11.1.11_19.26_batch
Wave On Wave
Way Back Into Love.04.29.17_17.27
Wayfaring Stranger.02.07.15_14.50
Waymore’s Blues.04.14.13_21.20
We Are All One.12.07.15_18.10
We Are Young.06.26.13_22.40
We Belong To The Night.06.21.13_01.35_batch
We Danced
We Don’t Run.06.03.13_23.40
We Shall Overcome.06.14.14_01.15
We Should Be Together.09.08.15_14.48
We Three Kings.12.22.15_14.50
We Were Made For This.11.16.16_11.43
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Wedding Bells.12.05.15_17.39
Weed With Willie.10.13.13_13.28
We’re All Gonna Die Someday.06.19.13_18.49
We’ve Got Tonight.09.04.12_20.40
What A Friend We Have In Jesus.02.08.15_19.30
What A Merry Christmas This Could Be.12.24.10
What A Way To Live.02.14.14_14.53
What A Wonderful World.08.15.15_19.35
What Child Is This.12.22.15_14.43
What I Cannot Change.01.02.13_13.15
What If God Smoked Cannabis.10.13.13_14.28
What Kind Of Love.08.24.15_02.15
What Made You Change Your Mind.11.22.16_10.25
What Say You.04.23.15_14.24
What We Ain’t Got.04.13.15_16.40
What Would Willie Do.05.03.14_11.15
What You Won’t Do For Love.04.08.16_17.20
What’ll I Do.08.24.15_01.18
What’s Up.09.10.12_19.50
When I Dream.03.05.13_17.50
When I’m
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.07.22.16_21.27
When It’s Christmas Time In Texas.12.24.10
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again.05.08.14_17.05
When Somebody Loves You.04.30.15_16.25
When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder.06.21.13_01.35_batch
When The Ship Comes In.04.29.16_15.55
When Will I Be Loved.06.21.13_01.35_batch
When You Got A Good Friend.02.03.16_18.47
When You Love Her Like Crazy.11.10.10_15.18_batch
When You Say Nothing At All.9.25.09
When You Wish Upon A Star.06.22.16_18.05
When You’re Drinking.06.11.13_22.37
When You’re Smiling.06.11.13_22.29
Whenever You Come Around.08.24.15_00.50
Where Are You Christmas.11.25.16_14.45
Where Do The Children Play.01.10.14_14.42
Where Have All The Flowers Gone.06.13.14_21.10
Where Hemp Don’t Grow.04.23.15_14.44
Where Is My Mind.12.10.10_15.59_batch
Where The Green Grass Grows.09.24.12_19.00
Where The Soul Never Dies.02.24.14_22.00
Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)
Wherever You Will Go.09.03.15_16.15
Whiskey River.10.11.13_16.40
Whispering Hope.05.25.14_16.35
White Christmas
White Liar.05.31.11_17.50_batch
White Rabbit.06.26.09_10.59
White Room.06.21.13_01.35_batch
White Trash Beautiful.11.11.12_19.15
Who Says You Can’t Go Home.06.02.13_17.56
Who Will Comfort Me.06.04.17_14.37
Who You’d Be Today.09.21.10_17.46_batch
Who’ll Stop The Rain
Who’s Cheatin’ Who.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes.9.25.09
Who’s To Bless (And Who’s To Blame).07.15.15_15.49
Who’s Your Daddy
Why Don’t You Do Right.11.04.16_11.10
Why Me, Lord.07.30.15_14.05
Wichita Lineman
Wicked Game
Wild Horses.06.04.13_23.23
Wild Mountain Honey.03.03.13_21.30
Wild World.03.03.13_22.45
Wildwood Weed.11.09.16_10.37
Will The Circle Be Unbroken.02.02.17_15.50
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.10.15.16_13.30
Willie, Waylon, & Me.09.08.13_09.13.13_13.13
Wind Beneath My Wings
Winter Wonderland
Wish You Were Here (Incubus version).02.23.14_14.00
Wish You Were Here (Mark Wills version).02.23.14_14.15
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd version).02.23.14_13.50
With A Little Help From My Friends.10.20.14_17.41
With Body And Soul.09.07.15_00.00
Without You.06.21.13_01.35_batch
Wonderfull World, Beautiful People.12.07.15_18.20
Workin’ Man Blues.10.11.13_16.24
Working Class Hero.08.03.13_00.15
Working Man (David Alexander version).08.23.15_22.40
Working Man Blues.07.12.15_19.39
Worry B Gone.10.13.13_18.54
Would You Go With Me
Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone).12.02.14_14.32
Wrecking Ball (James Arthur track).01.15.16_17.05
Wurlitzer Prize.12.23.13_15.43
Yankee Doodle.11.14.16_12.25
Yesterday When I Was Young.10.14.16_19.17
Yesterday’s Wine.09.02.12_20.55
You And Me.10.21.13_17.15
You And Tequila.06.07.17_17.20
You Are My Sunshine.01.31.14_18.40
You Are So Beautiful
You Can Get It If You Really Want.12.07.15_17.44
You Can’t Hurry Love.06.21.13_01.35_batch
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
You Don’t Know How It Feels.10.13.13_13.21
You Don’t Know Me.08.15.15_19.30
You Gave Me A Mountain.03.04.13_18.25
You Light Up My Life
You Look So Good In Love
You Remain.07.02.16_21.43
You Sang To Me.11.10.16_11.33
You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This.10.29.09
You Were It.06.21.13_01.35_batch
You Were Mine.11.01.09
You’ll Be There.12.30.16_15.23
You’ll Lose A Good Thing.04.20.13_03.30
You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Young At Heart.11.26.15_15.54
Your Cheatin’ Heart.08.06.14_15.35
Your Mama Don’t Dance
Your Man
Your Song
You’re Beautiful.11.10.16_11.26
You’re Gonna Lose That Girl.10.20.14_17.27
You’re Gonna Miss This.11.01.09
You’re My Best Friend.07.12.15_18.54
You’re Sixteen.06.21.13_01.35_batch
You’re Still The One.08.06.14_16.54
You’ve Got A Friend (James Taylor version).12.07.15_15.37
You’ve Got A Friend (Piano Bar version).12.07.15_15.27
You’ve Got A Friend In Me.08.15.14_21.15
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.10.20.14_17.31
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin

I have sang many other songs, as well.
This is simply the list of those which I have found a “saved” a recording of.