“What do you “do”, Barry?”

Rev. Barry Willie Black sings “To Do What I Do”.

I have been searching for the last few weeks to find an adequate and true response to the question, “What do you “do”, Barry?”, as asked by my friend, Andrea, ex-wife of Bo Porter, world-renowned local country artist, here in Austin, Texas.

I have recorded long lists of songs that I have never heard versions of before, including a list of 30+ songs Willie Nelson had covered, that I had not yet heard and recorded.

I think it’s kinda fun.

This song, covered by Alan Jackson, is one of those. It was written by Tim Johnson, and I had not heard either version, before I began to learn it yesterday.

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Who else has enough songs to be the only artist being played all day

Who else has enough songs to be the only artist being played all day?

Let’s see… There’s Willie, Ella, Frank, Ray, Johnny, Elvis, Tony, Bing, Sarah, Peggy, … I think you get it.

I intentionally left out the rest in the interest of being as succinct as possible… but give respect to all who are on this list, of course.

Here’s the currently published and publicly recognized list of the Most Covering Performers as posted at Second Hand Songs.


Today Radio @ Favorite Local Bands is playing songs I recorded in 2016. Tomorrow… 2015.

Thanks for stopping by and listening!


Playing tracks I recorded in 2016 all day

Playing tracks I recorded in 2016, all day… on Radio @ Favorite Local Bands!

Number One for Country genre in the U.S.A this week

Rivers Keep Flowing … please!

Over 600,000 Song Plays as of 8/28/17, and after only two weeks since my music passed a half million song plays.

That makes me Number One artist for Country genre in the U.S.A this week!!

Here’s the current breakdown as of 2pm Central Time.

Your Ranks
#1 – Texas – All Genres
#1 – Austin – All Genres
#1 – Texas – Country
#1 – Austin – Country
#2 – Global – Country
#1 – United States – Country
#9 – United States – All Genres
#14 – Global – All Genres

Number One Music Genre Rank Statistics.09.01.17

Number One Music Genre Rank Statistics 9/01/17











Reverend Barry Willie Black
United States, Texas, Austin
Genre: Alt Country / Country / Spiritual
Total Plays:616,801
Profile Views:782,696

Profile Engagements: 782,620
N1M: 98%
Facebook: 2%

Most Popular Countries
United States: 61%
Canada: 13%
United Kingdom: 11%
Australia: 8%
Others: 7%

Most Popular Cities This Week
London: 40%
Nashville: 18%
New York: 15%
Atlanta: 12%
Others: 15%


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