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02.04.15 ~

I haven’t had time to update this in a month’a Sundays…
But I am trying to get more updates added today. bwb

Thanks for cruising by my website!

I’ve counted over 1550 cover recordings now, and over 310 Willie Nelson covers… so far.

10.02.14 ~ I haven’t had time to update this in a month’a Sundays…
But I am trying to get more updates added today. bwb

Thanks for cruising by my website!

I’ve counted over 1560 cover recordings now, and over 310 Willie Nelson covers… so far.

I heard my first Willie Nelson songs before I was ten.

Oh, and BTW…

It was my intention to become renowned as at least a “good vocalist” when I began singing karaoke, not a karaoke legend, which I have been called more times than I can now remember.

There. Now I’ve said it.

With over 50 years of this vocal “habit” under my skin, I am looking forward to the band showing up for those occasions when I want, need, or simply desire, to sing a song or two.

Public recruitment is now open for
The Luck Texas Rangers
The Rogue Princes of Texas

These sites are being updated to reflect current events, but only as time allows… and it does not often, allow.

Please hit me on the Contact Me tab to the left and send me a note.

… so sez Rev. Barry Willie Black.

Today Rev. Barry Willie Black’s “Sing Into My Can Network” added the first 450 tracks.

While the broadcasts are intended to eventually be live, they are not yet. At the moment they could be characterized as “sporadic” and “eclectic” The first 455 tracks are from our demo archives, and are all Rev. Barry Willie Black singing favorites for various moments, seasons, and times in his life. For the sake of variety, we have added some awesome country streams to augment the lists.

Added Radionomy streams added:
Country US: High
Country US: Gold
Country US: Medium
Country US: reserve

Additional artists will be added as they are recorded at
“The Hole In The Wall Studio” In Austin, Texas,
“The Live Music Capital of The World”

A while back, I began selling “pre-release” versions of the CD projects listed on my main site, so that I can help fund the final studio work for each. Each will have a CD Baby store page and on my page a player as they are available for final release.

I will be posting crowding opportunities for each project when I am running one.

So far I have completed the songs and layouts for over 100 CD projects.

I will be posting a “buy it early” button on each CD project page, annnd, you can also order pre-release versions of those I haven’t completed yet… to help support those projects that you would like to see finished sooner, than later… so sez Reverand Barry Willie Black

Ah, ah, ah, Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive… to quote The Bee Gees.

The new donation sidebar widget is just me seeking help to stay alive while I find work and/or get one of my projects funded on KickStarter or IndieGogo.

GoTo: http://barrywillieblack.com/

The funds go straight to my PayPal account, which means I have immediate access to your donation.

Thanks for your support.

… so sez Rev. Barry Willie Black

Update on Songs Of My Life: In The Key Of: Willie Nelson

Just finished re-recording all the tracks and then I added some more.

There are now 116 songs in the six CD set.

50% of proceeds of sales through Reverbnation go to one of my favorite charities… Fender Music Foundation (this still goes out periodically from one of my Reverbnation profiles even though I had it set up months ago)

Well thaat didn’t work.

Well… the KickStarter project didn’t work, and so I went back to the drawing board, as they say, and decided to make sure the folks that pledged got what they though they would by supporting the project.

I also re-recorded all the demo recordings since 5/20/2013, and the set is now six CDs, as was the original plan… so sez Rev. Barry Willie Black

Today… I got the news…

Your project, Songs Of My Life: In the key of: Willie Nelson, is officially live on Kickstarter! Congratulations. Let’s get rolling!

Here’s your project URL:

1047 demo recordings completed so far since 5/20/2009!

This Year’s Valentine” is my new project for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

It was suggested recently… “Move to Phoenix..it’s beautiful here!!

My reply was as follows…

I’ve been there, and I agree, I saw the most beautiful lightning and thunder storm of my life there in the summer of 2006, but…

I am living in “The Live Music Capital of the World”, and sing 
Willie Nelson better than Willie, some have said, and I am getting ready
to start turning loose the first of my music in January.

I have already mastered over 50 CD releases (79 CDS), and have 53 others already started, too…

So why would I want to leave Austin, … ?

Barry Willie Black