Awesome news y’all!

Over the weekend I was doing data recovery on the hard disks from systems I have had to decomm during the last six ten years of my journey, and… (drum roll, pleeeeeeease!)

I found the original 481 recordings from May 2009 to November 2009, from six years ago, when I started recording, in earnest.

During those first few months I saved 481 recordings. The disk I found them on is safe. Always was, but I didn’t remember the folder the recordings were all in.

I now have provable and accurate original Time and Date stamps, for the record.

(Psst…. Today, 08/31/15, the number is somewhere around 1600)

Major changes. I need a scribe, a music archivis, and girl friday …
Be my Under Dawg Music Archivist? Hit the contact form and let me know.

I need a scribe, a music archivist (thought I found one), and “girl friday”, all in one (doesn’t have to happen that way), who is willing to work as an intern would, but with the long term in mind, as they would be earning while learning, and then continuing in the position as long as time and circumstance allow.

I require assistance with the clerical aspects of starting my new label, Under Dawg Music, which means learning to manage my catalog, or “body of work”, as some call it.

  1. 5% of the catalog income (with caveats)
  2. An hourly rate, once there is cashflow to support it
  3. A place in music history, since I fully expect to one day be recognized as the…

“Most Covering Performer” in history

(This hasn’t been updated in amonth’a sundays.) In the last six years, I have covered about 1600 songs (over individual 180 CD projects with a track list already mastered), and will begin releasing projects commercially, as time and resources allow.

49 projects are already posted and awaiting the start of the…
One Million Tracks Fire Sale by Rev. Barry Willie Black and Under Dawg Music

CD Baby Artist page

To date, I have recorded…

320 Willie Nelson songs

Over 250 of the top 1000 Most Covered Songs, as listed on

.Over 250 songs so far that were Number One Country Hits sometime since 1944 when they started keeping charts.

And, at least one song from over 400 bands and artists

Thank you for your support,

“Talent is God given; be humble. Fame is man-given; be grateful. Conceit is self-given; be careful.”
~ John Wooden

I have been on a quest for weeks trying to answer the question…

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CD Baby Artist page

The real purpose of the site is the music… of course,
And finding a few others to make it with!

My middle name is William, and I’am a.k.a. “Willie”

… and folks were calling me “Willie” before that was widely known because they had heard me sing, and a few think I look a bit like him. (I am most of a head taller, though, but most folks don’t know how short he is.)

So far, and as of the date I last updated this section (08.05.15) … drum roll, please…

I have recorded about 1600 cover tracks!

I have also become an ordained minister

… so that I can perform weddings and civil ceremonies
… and so that the world can have
Weddings by Willie!

I can also bring karaoke to your private parties.

Back to the real topic…

Of those sixteen hundred songs, more than one in five (over 300) was recorded by Willie Nelson, himself.

Most of those recordings weren’t (and still aren’t) ready for distribution, so I have disabled the download functions until licensing is in place!

But there is music now for sale now on CD Baby, where I expect to be releasing every project first, for some very good reasons.

There are old playlists still available, and the page includes a few links to my radio stations and Sing Into My Can Network session archives.

I used to place the newest songs at the beginning of the long list, so folks that heard the earlier ones don’t have to hunt for the new ones.

Please don’t pick on me for those I should NOT let folks hear, yet!

In fact, you can keep those comments to yourself, believe me when I say that I am my own worst and harshest critic.

The one’s posted are still mostly the “ghetto demos” done in my “Hole In The Wall Studio” a.k.a. “my room”, wherever I am or have been living, while trying to create this songlist for band members to pick songs from to practice, so that eventually the band can prepare to play some live gigs.

The Songs I Sang page hasn’t been updated since last May!!

The lists on this site are just my way of trying to keep track of all that I have done since I started recording in May of 2009, and these are as ghetto as demo recordings can be… although I have mastered the environment while using some pretty good equipment.

Hit my contact page to let me know which one’s you like best… or to suggest a song!

I am actively seeking band members for both
Rev. Barry Willie Black and The Luck, Texas Rangers
Rev. Barry Willie Black and The Rogue Princes of Texas!

Until then…

Folks have been singing and recording with “backing tracks” and pre-recorded instrumental sessions for a very long time now.

Among other things such as the harmonica holder, Les Paul invented overdubbing (also known as “sound on sound”), which is essentially just recording your track on top of another pre-recorded track (or in this case, pre-recorded session).

My point is simply this, I am not a karaoke singer, although I have sang some, (more than some, I guess), and I have been called a legend over 200 times in the last eight years since I began to sing in karaoke bars, and in particular “in public” again, after suffering serious agoraphobic issues since my teen years.

Some call it “stage fright” but for me it was more than just paralyzing.

But truth be told, I have been singing since “Sunday School” at age 4 or 5(?), and I am now 60, and when I am in a song, it rarely matters who or how many are in the audience.

I am an experienced vocalist withOUT a physical band behind me, until one by one, each eventual member is revealed by time and circumstance.

But alas, I am in Austin, Texas, , “The Live Music Capital of the World”, where the lyrics about Nashville from a song are also very true…

Everyone’s a player, and everyone has a song… (my paraphrase)

So in the long run, as good as one may be, it can be very diffcult to get others to lay down what they have in mind to follow a leader, a.k.a. “band leader”, which coincidentally is what Willie Nelson has always considered himself to be, and exactly why it is that I dedicated my version of “Leader Of The Band” to him, and will continue to do so, on all my published projects.

So there… I’ve said it.

Until I can get a few good folks to come play what I need to sing, we will be known as…

“Rev. Barry Willie Black and his Travelin’ Monkey Band”

Not The Rogue Princes of Texas,
Nor The Luck, Texas Rangers,

Although I have long ago invited some folks to one or the other or both of those bands, and those invitations still stand.

And I will always be around to gig or jam with others…

As long as I have a part in what is going on, since I am getting too tired and sore to just sit around while others yack, or hack, or crack, some lost riff or chord progression.

Rev. Barry Willie Black

Leader Of The Band
“Rev. Barry Willie Black and his Travelin’ Monkey Band”